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Angels - Do you Believe?

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Believe it or not, the topic of angels can be a hot topic and one that not everyone is willing to talk about.

What do you imagine when you picture angels in your head? Is it the vision of the Renaissance era paintings of cherub like angels? Ones that are baby faced with wings wrapped in swaddling clothes with brass trumpets or French horns in their hands.

Or - do you imagine them being adult women with halos above their heads, in Catholic relic like poses as if they are one of the Catholic tabletop statues?

Or - do you imagine them being either adult men or women in warrior armor, with swords drawn and huge, majestic wings?

Or - do you imagine them to be something else? Possibly, like they are everyday people? That they walk the earth as if they are human?

I was presented lately with this topic. And asked what it is that I believe.

This is a touchy subject for me. But not one that is touchy because of what my thoughts and beliefs of the subject is - but rather, what others will think of me because of what I have to say about it.

See - my thoughts and beliefs of angels, is like my thoughts and beliefs of whether there are ghosts that walk the earth. Or - if there are ETs somewhere out in the vastness of space.

And dare I say - that all three topics and what it is that you say about them - will tell a person what your belief is in God the Father or if you believe that there was even a creator or a supreme intelligence to begin with.

I will remind you that I do believe in the Trinity: God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, and God the son - Jesus Christ. I have said that from the beginning. However, my belief and relationship with Him is not the normal.

Partially because I found Him when I was a child, in the midst of my trauma. He was the one that was with me all along and is the one that has loved me unconditionally. And He is the one that loves me even with what it is that I am going to say - that some people may believe to be a form of blasphemy. But know that God knows what it is that I am going to say, and that He and I are at peace with it. Because, I have life experiences that have proven to me and shown me why I believe what I believe.

As do you! I know that if we were sitting at a coffee table right now and talking about this subject - you too would have your own versions of experiences that would hold up to your beliefs. And I would love to hear what those are! Oh, how I wish that there was a way to make this conversation more interactive. Because I love nothing more than to hear your thoughts, and your life stories! Especially when it comes to topics like these.

So imagine if you will, that we are sitting at the local coffee shop, each with our coffee in our hands, and talking like we were old friends. Sharing stories and our deep conversations about what our personal beliefs of angels are.

Again, God revealed himself to me when I was still a child. I was in 3rd or 4th grade, and we were working on our family heritage. And the assignment was that we needed to draw our family tree. An actual tree with branches, and then we were to write each person's name, and post a picture if we had one.

I knew that I was adopted pretty much from day 1. But I was at that age where I was starting to question who I was, and where I came from. I had struggled with my family tree, because I wanted to be able to put down my birth family - like all the other kids at school. I wanted to know their names, and more importantly, I wanted to paste their pictures onto my poster board. I had gotten the courage to ask my mother for some more information about my birth family, and this conversation did not go well to say the least.

I was back in my room in hysterics, after being severely punished after having a fight with my mother to see my birth certificate. She had told me when I asked to see it, that both her and my father were listed on it as my parents. And that it will not have any record of anyone else being my parents. I didn't believe my Mother. And was throwing the biggest tantrum I ever had. As I felt like I was being dismissed and that my feelings and hurt were being ignored.

My Mother had taken it that I was calling her a liar, and turned it into a battle of wills between her and I. She finally showed me the birth certificate after much arguing, and then had me write sentences of apology until my hand froze up, and I couldn't write anymore. And which point, I received a severe spanking, and was told to go to bed without dinner. When I told her that I still had to work on my assignment as it was due the next day, she smacked me across the face and yelled at me to shut up and get out of her sight. So, I did. I went to my room and cried myself to sleep.

I was awoken a little bit later by a very bright and pure white light that shimmered as if glitter had been thrown into the air. A deep manly voice was gently telling me to wake up. When I awoke and rolled over, a man was sitting on the side of my bed. He told me not to be afraid. And I wasn't. His eyes reflected a peace and love that I had never known up to this point. And I felt love envelope me as the light seemed to also embrace me. He smiled at me and put his hand on my head and told me that He was proud of me, and that I was loved more than I could ever imagine.

I remember asking who He was, and He told me that I didn't need to be concerned by that. But I was to know that my Father loved me very much, and that my Father was going to make things right one day. And that if I held to that truth - everything would work out. He told me to rest in that knowledge and that he would see me again. He stroked my hair, and told me to go back to sleep, and the man vanished, and the light dimmed to a bright blue, and then disappeared.

Now - I don't know who this man was. I don't know what he was. As - he looked human, and other than being surrounded by this bright pure light that dare I say - was almost a Holy Light... there was nothing else different about him than if he was someone that I had met on the street. He didn't have a halo, or wings, or anything like that. And - his eyes, his eyes have stayed with me. And they still do today. Because they were the purest blue that you have ever seen. They reminded me of the tropical ocean and were so clear and bright. But they exuded a sense of peace and calm.

When I attempted to talk to my Mother and brothers about it the next day, none of them believed me, and I was made out to be a silly child with a big imagination. (This is one of the worst things you can do to a child.) But I knew that in my heart - it wasn't my imagination, and that I truly was visited by this man. And, I still carried the overwhelming feeling of peace, and felt that I was loved unlike ever before.

According to Christian doctrine - there are Three Spheres of Angels (referring to the Holy angels, not the fallen angels). This is something that I just learned. But I believe that we all have multiple angels assigned to us all - whether we are Christian or not. If we are a living soul - then we have angels around us all the time.

I got a book that was recommended about Angels, called, "The Angel Experiment" by Corin Grillo. (

In this book, Corin explains how she found Angels to be real, and that she talks to them on a regular basis as if they are anybody else in the room with her. Ok - she didn't say that exactly - I am paraphrasing. But she does give the impression, that this is what she does. And she encourages other to do the same.

So, I figured that I would give her book, and her 21 day experiment a shot. I can tell you, that although I haven't had any groundbreaking, life-altering experiences like she explained may happen... I did have a joyful experience yesterday morning that I would like to share.

See, things have been rough around here lately. Have I mentioned that I have 2 teenagers? (Just kidding.) But seriously... it has been one thing after another around here lately.

And since we finally have a diagnosis for my son and have plans in place for him. Now, attention has been moved to my daughter. She is now 13 1/2, and with heightened hormones, puberty is full swing, and life changes with a new school this year... it has been discovered that she is suffering from severe depression, among other challenges.

I mean... like severe. It's been tough.

So, momma hasn't been able to get a solid good night sleep in a long time. So, I have been looking and researching stress relief for my kids when I had the book by Corin recommended. It was interesting enough - that I thought I would check it out.

In the book, you are to meditate daily, and connect with your guardian angel and other angel helpers.

I'll be honest, I didn't think it was working. But then I fell asleep the other night while meditating and had the best sleep I have had in probably years. And I was woken up with a couple of lines from this song in my head, and hearing giggling, with the most beautiful woman in my vision surrounded by what looked like rainbow glitter smiling at me.

And the best part?? My heart was full, and I had a peace about me, like nothing I have ever experienced since I was a child, being visited by the man I spoke about previously.

So, if you ask me (who keep in mind... was already a believer before this experience) if Angels existed, I will always say yes. But now, I say yes with absolute certainty!

So, here are my words of hope for you. You are never alone. If you ever feel alone... try to reach out and talk to your guardian angel if you think there is no one else. Because they are there, and they love you unconditionally and very much! And, they are always there.

I pray that you have an awe-inspiring experience yourself. Because there was nothing like it!

So, let's head on down the road on our journey together... and enjoy these tunes while we are on our way. Here is the song that the lines that I heard in my head were from... check it out!

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