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Sisters - not - by - blood

"Hey there friend! I am so glad that you are here."

Those are the magic words for me.

See, these are the words that come from one of my best friend's mouths whether I saw her 5 minutes ago, yesterday, a week ago, or even a month ago. And these 11 words - are like a warmed handmade quilt being draped around my shoulders when I'm fighting a cold or a fever.


these 11 words are the comfort for my soul.

For some... it could be, "Cream or sugar?" as their friend is pouring them a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

What are the words that you hear from friends and family that make you feel instant comfort?

Some things that I have recently learned in my 50 years of life:

  • Memory foam shoes maybe ugly - but they are comfortable. And ultimately, comfort matters more to me than fashion.

  • Real butter tastes better, and you do not need much of it (sorry Paula Dean) to make a big impact.

  • My Grandma was right. Honesty is the best policy. The main reason: you never have to try to remember the details of the honest truth. And more importantly - it doesn't take as much energy to keep track of.

  • It's always better to tell someone else that they are beautiful/gorgeous.

  • It always makes the energy better in the room you're in, when the people around you are smiling and happy. Especially if they are smiling and happy because of something you did for them.

  • Coffee always tastes better with friends.

  • Desserts have zero calories when shared with a sister-not-by-blood kind of friend!

Ok, so the last one isn't completely true. But, calories don't matter when you are with the right kind of friend - and fighting over who gets the whip cream swirl on the plate.

I pray that you have at least one of these kinds of friends.

With all of the drama, and traumatic things that have gone on in my household the past year... God has blessed me with more than one.

And now with all of the huge transition going on in my life - I am finding these kind of friends everywhere.

I have been truly blessed.

I found the above image about 4 months ago. It spoke volumes to me. It spoke straight into my heart, and then calmed me.

See, I used to be one of those people pleaser people. I used to be one of those people that was always playing the referee. It wasn't to help with a situation, or make it to where everyone could be heard. I'll be honest - I was the middle man because I hated the energy that is involved in conflict. I used to hate confrontation for the same reason.

In fact, I used to hate confrontation so much - that I used to have to throw out my lunch, because I was NOT about to tell the waiter - or my Mom that I didn't like my chicken nuggets over crispy or plain jane. Or - that I hated peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. Because frankly, I had already eaten that for lunch every school day for the past 11 years.

But do you know the saddest thing about not wanting to confront, or even wanting to please everyone else around you? You are surrendering your voice. You are literally boxing up your voice, and handing it over to them, wrapped in a foil wrapped box, with the shiniest gold bow.

Do you find yourself doing this?

If so - I am telling you to find sister-not-by-blood type of friends. And I mean.... now!!

Because these type of friends... are ones that will call you out to your face. They will get into your stink... and they will hold you accountable!

If they don't...

then they are not...

The sister-not-by-blood type of friends

I want to thank all of you that are my sisters - not - by - blood type of friends.

Because you all fill a big whole for me. And, because without all of you - I would not be where I am today.

Thank you for being there.

Love you!

Until we meet up and travel down the road some more.

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