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What do you do for fun?

Updated: Mar 14

Well hello my friend! I hope that you are doing well, and that you are happy and healthy!

I realize that this is a different beginning to my blog post. And no, the sentiment was not lost on me.

I realize that lately my posts have been heavy lately, and although that is most of my life - it isn't all of it.

In fact, I have had many messages from my guardian angels, and spirit guides that I need to have more fun. And, while looking over my past few posts - I realized that I haven't shared with you all that I have been receiving and acting on this message.

So, I thought that I would share with you all, and am hoping to have some engagement from you as well.

What is it that you do for fun??

I realize that to some of you, this maybe a question that is not that big of a deal, and you can ramble off your hobbies without a second thought.

But, for those of us that have lived in a household that is ran by a narcissist - I know that you can completely relate. To have the idea of the freedom to decide what it is that you want to...

actually - strike that...

To have the idea of the freedom to get to choose on what you want to do is something that is awe inspiring all on it's own.

I realize - for those of you that have not been held captive like that, this sounds ridiculous. And, I can only pray that my own children live a life when they are adults that they too have the life where they don't understand and can not comprehend the above statement. And that the thought of the idea of what one person would get to choose what they want to do being so foreign to someone that they feel like they are unable to comprehend something so simple, so innate, or so natural. I pray that they are in relationships that are so balanced and happy that this whole idea of not being able to make a decision for yourself is foreign to them. And not the opposite.

But, for now - I sit in the new dawn light, and experience the excitement of trying and learning new things.

Trying new things, are like opening gifts from long lost relatives. You don't know if you're going to like it - but, you're excited about something new regardless. Sometimes, it turns out to be a beautiful gold bangle or perfect bobble that you fall in love instantly. Sometimes, it is the worst Christmas Sweater you have ever seen.

What are some of these new things for you?

For me?

Well, I would have to say that some of my new-ish things that I love... is painting. I have been painting from time to time over the past 3 years. Although I know that it's going to take alot longer for me to think that I'm good (although I'm told that a true artist always hates their work... so... there's that), I do love it!! It is relaxing, and I feel like it's one of the best therapy sessions I've ever had - once I am done with a piece. But, I do get it all out on the canvas.

The above is one of my latest... I wanted something that captured fall and Halloween - but wasn't too scary... and also captured my angst and frustration at the moment. Somehow... it captured that - and ultimately, my search for hope too. At least that is what my daughter says.

My other favorite thing is baking. However, my waistline is something that doesn't care for it much. This has forced me to find more recipes for items that would meet my meal plan. Although this has been something that has been more difficult on the budget right now. Especially with my daughter still in recovery from an active eating disorder... our food budget has already been through the roof. So, I have to put my own meal plan on hold for the most part right now. So, I guess it would be more accurate to say that right now I am more in the recipe collection - than baking. But one day... I will be able to bake these sweet items. And then, I will share some of these amazing recipes with you all.

One thing that I have also been doing, that I find that I don't care for too much?? No big surprise... yoga. I DO NOT care for yoga.

Well - unless you count yoga nidra. I LOVE ME some yoga nidra! One of my best friends turned me onto yoga nidra over the past year or so. And that is awesome!

For those of you that don't know what yoga nidra is... check out her website:

This practice turned me onto meditation. Meditation was something that I always thought was woohoo-ish. Something that wrinkled old hippie's did.

Well.... Call me a wrinkled old hippie then!

As this is something that is now part of my daily practice. And, I love it! I just hope that one day my children pick up the practice as well. I truly feel more connected to God the Father, the son, the universe, and my angels. I could only hope that my children, and my readers can find the kind of peace and guidance that I have one day.

And one of the last things that I have found that I love... I am a little embarrassed to say it. Simply because I never understood why my sister found a love in it. But, now that I have started to learn it - I am finding that I truly love it. (I just pray that my old hands can hold it a while longer with it.) And that my friends... is crocheting.

Yep... crocheting. Now granted... I have only finished one piece... and it was a truly beginner piece. (See next image.) But, I love it. I have jumped in with both feet and have become a true crochet-er... I currently have 3 projects I'm working on - all at the same time! (I don't recommend doing that though.)

World... meet "Lefty" - as he can only turn right because his tail was placed off center. :)

So - that my friends are everything that I have found out about things that I enjoy to do for fun, outside of eating out with friends. But, my goal is to try something new at least once every other month.

What about you? What do you love to do? I can't wait to hear! Share below.

Let's pick up our bag, and journey on down the road! <3

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