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Who am I?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

That is a question that I find myself asking a lot lately.

These are the things that I know:

  • I am a married woman. I have been married for 22 years to a man that I met in high-school and dated on and off for 10 years before we were married in Las Vegas, NV.

  • I am a Christian. I was raised in a home that seemed to jump around on their Christian beliefs. Meaning, that they jumped around from doctrine to doctrine depending on what seemed to suit there needs at the moment.

  • I am a Mom. I have 2 teen-aged children that are my world. My son is 15 now, and will be 16 in April. My daughter just turned 13 a few months ago - even though she acts much older.

  • I am a daughter and have 3 families. (I will go into this a lot more later.)

  • I was adopted at 3 days old. Surrendered by birth parents that were both under the age of 18 when I was born, and were forced into a closed adoption by their parents.

  • I was blessed to be able to find both of my birth parents against my adopted parents wishes.

  • I have entered into therapy under duress 3 years ago (stay tuned for that story)… and now consider it the biggest and best blessing that could have ever happened to me.

Photo by: Javardh

Although I am a Christian woman, and feel the need to tell everyone up front about my core beliefs. Please know that this is because I have a personal relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This relationship is exactly that - personal. I don't try to push it down anyone else's throats. (Ask my sister... she's Wiccan.) But know that my world view is based off of the bible, and what I hear, see, and feel from my Lord.

Most of these beliefs are based off of the bible, but more is from what I have experienced, seen, heard, and felt in my life. Because - I believe that I have a true connection with both the spirit world, and this planet at the same time.

I believe in Angels, Demons, and the Human Spirit.

I believe in dreams, nightmares, and the realm of the unknown to the human eye.

Photo by: Marko Blažević

Things that I still don't know:

  • Who am I really?? - am I the true person that I was meant to be?

  • Where do I come from? - what/where is my true heritage?

  • My thoughts and feelings? - are they really truly mine, or ones that I have just gleaned from adults that raised me?

  • What do I love? - and why?

  • What do I really want out of this life?

I realize that this list may be physically a lot shorter of a list. But, I know that what it all encapsulates, is really not. I know that the journey that I entered 3 years ago is a long one.

I just hope that you join me in the journey. Know that it will be a "long and winding road" as the song goes by the Beatles. Come with me and celebrate all of the challenges that are overcome, and the new things that I discover. I promise to make it worth your read. There will be times of joy, as well as times of both happy and sad tears. But, I believe that we were put on this earth to discover what doing life together is all about.

In this blog - you will discover things like:

  • Food & Beverages - I love to eat!

  • Healthy Lifestyle - both good and bad choices that I have made.

  • Fiction writing - as I stated... I re-found my love for writing!

  • Art & Paint - I found out that I love to create... painting is the latest love.

  • Photography - I have always loved pictures.

  • Scriptures - as I stated... I am a Christian woman.

  • Excerpts about life on this planet... family, work, and the daily grind.

So, let's set out together... and discover what this life is all about!

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